Normally an application will be made by parents/guardians/authorities to our Admissions Office (tel: 01224 866156; email: Where insufficient information is presented, detailed reports will be requested. On receipt of written reports an interview is arranged for the prospective applicant with the School Medical Officer and senior co-workers. The applicant must be accompanied by parents/guardians and other professionals involved. A visit to the School and houses can be arranged at the same time or prior to the interview if the School is advised in advance. In exceptional circumstances the information available may be such to indicate that an interview will not be appropriate. Following the interview, all information and recommendations are passed on to the Admissions and Review Committee who will inform the parents/guardians and/or authorities accordingly. Parents/guardians and/or authority then confirm whether or not they wish to proceed with the application. The Admissions and Review Committee, in conjunction with teachers and house co-ordinators, ascertain whether or not a suitable place is available immediately or will become so in the foreseeable future. Any place offered is conditional on the pupil becoming registered with the Camphill Medical Practice. The Admissions and Review Committee then either:

  • Writes to parents/guardians and the funding authority to offer a place at the School with an admission date, and enclosing the Terms of Admission, the Term Dates, the current School Fees (only to the funding authority), an 'Acceptance of Place' form (only to the funding authority), the School Prospectus (if not already sent) and the School's Child Protection Policy and 'Expressing a Concern' leaflet, or
  • Advises that there is no suitable vacancy at present and that the applicant's name has been placed on the waiting list for future admission, or
  • Advises that the School is unable to offer a place.

Once a place has been accepted by all parties and funding has been confirmed, the authority is sent a letter by the Admissions and Review Committee advising them of the names of house co-ordinators and teacher, with their addresses and telephone numbers.

A similar letter is sent to the parents or guardians but it will also contain the name and address of the secretary of the Link Group appropriate to the parents' home area.

A letter is sent to the secretary of the Link Group giving the parents' name and address.

The Initial Education and Care Plan is sent to parents and authorities.

Every pupil is admitted on the understanding that the first three school months are seen as a trial and assessment period. A review will be held at the end of this time. The date for this review will be arranged at the time of admission.

At the first review an Education and Care plan will be set up for the pupil. This will replace the Initial Education and Care Plan.